Big Yellow Candy Bar

All the junk food, candy, chips, and drinks taunt you as you wait in line at the checkout. Inevitably, you grab a candy bar or stick of beef jerky. Not because, you NEED one, but simply because you are hungry, it’s your favorite, or it looks too yummy to pass up. That’s kind of how we ended up with a 50,000 lb “candy bar”.

For years, we drove by the old caboose, sad and deteriorating in a railcar salvage yard. All of our neighbors who have lived here for a long time remember the old caboose when it was a proud landmark for the area.

One evening, while driving by it for probably the thousandth time, we noticed a small “FOR SALE” sign. It took about 5 minutes of discussion between my husband and I before we knew that this landmark needed to stay here and it needed to be restored and cared for. After only 24 hours, the sale sign came off and she was ours….kind of…  Some negotiations and decisions would have to happen before the absolute final decision could be made, but at least we were going to try.

Right away we decided to keep this a secret from our children. What better Christmas present could a little boy ask for than a real-life train??!!

Weathered and rusting at the salvage yard

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One thought on “Big Yellow Candy Bar

  1. John Kaufman

    Very nice! What a labor of love! Barry Maxted is a good friend of mine from US WEST days and I viewed his posting today of the incredible move. My wife would be so jealous!

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