Murphy’s Law

The weather outside was perfect. In just over a week the caboose would be freshly painted and ready to be brought home. Little did we know the state’s drought could not have ended at a worse time for us and that the weather had other plans.

As the painters worked at stripping all the old layers of paint off, the history of the caboose was slowly being revealed. Each layer held different decals, markings, and details from history. The crew worked slowly so that we could record them and take pictures. Once the the caboose was stripped down to bare metal, we were finally ready for primer and paint! Then it rained……and rained…..and rained……for almost a week. Now we were the not-so-proud owners of a giant block of rust. After the weather completely cleared, the workmen were back to sandblasting and grinding all over again. As soon as the first layer of primer went on, you guessed it, the rainstorms came again. At least now she was protected. Our work timeline shifted horribly off schedule. Moving date #1 was scratched off the calendar.

Within the next week the painting was completed. It was as if she had just rolled off the assembly line. No more peeling paint and no more rust. What a transformation!

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One thought on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Karen Wittstruck

    What a fantastic story. I’m so happy # 25251 has found such a loving and happy home!

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