Our Very Own (MINI) Railyard

The Christmas secret stayed safe with us, until this very critical point. We couldn’t just park the caboose on the driveway, it needed to be at home on a set of rails. How do you hide 40 feet of railroad track from your children?? Not likely!

The cat was let out of the bag when the construction began on our very own mini railbed.  We were very lucky to have a railyard crew nearby who graciously delivered and installed our rails and ties.

It was exciting enough to see 40 foot of rail hanging above our house, we could just imagine how amazing it would be when the caboose was going to “fly” overhead!

Now that the last piece was in place, we anxiously awaited the main attraction!

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2 thoughts on “Our Very Own (MINI) Railyard

  1. Marv Bush

    Was there a slogen under the paint that they were taking off?

    • Sorry, my computer somehow deleted my post so I had to try to rewrite it! Yes, it was “Trucking On Down The Track”. I have a picture of it in my “Murphy’s Law” post.

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